The strongest vehicles in tractor pulling are in the free classes.
Prototypes, powered by a wide variety of engine variants: Helicopter turbines, V8 dragster engines, World War II aircraft piston engines, Russian and American tank engines, torpedo boat engines, converted truck engines; whether in-line, V, W or radial, there is nothing that does not exist.
Divided by take-off weight and various limits, the fight for DM points is fought here with the most diverse concepts.
At the lower end is the “Limited Free Class” of the beginners and hobbyists with up to 2000 hp, in the middle of it all are the specialists with the 950kg heavy mini pullers or the very hotly contested 2.5to class up to the “almost professionals” of the 3.5to Modifieds and at the top of the “Heavy Modified”, the semi-professional teams with performances over 10,000 hp.


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