The MiniPullers are the smallest and lightest tractors for tractor pulling. In this class, attention must be paid to weight and length. At the engine the teams are allowed to do everything they want, so there is no limit, that is exactly what makes the MiniPuller class so interesting.

Catweazle III

The Pulling Team Catweazle is part of the team since 2005.
In the winter break 2017/2018 the Catweazle was built up from scratch from Christmas to Easter. The complete first season on the new Catweazle III with Melanie Hofer and then she immediately became German Vice Champion with him. Melanie started to ride at the age of 8 in the 500 kg and she immediately became Euro champion. Since nobody could beat her yet, she is still the youngest European Champion.
Technical data:
Engine: Keith Black V8 Hemi
Speed: 8500 rpm
Power: 2500PS
Fuel: methanol
wheel speed: 180km/h
Displacement: 8,6Liter
Supercharging: compressor charging
Here are the titles of the Catweazle III:
German Champion: 2011-2016, 2019
German vice champion: 2017/2018

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