In this class, which is currently very hotly contested, the competition vehicles are based on a series-produced tractor. Engine, head, transmission housing, rear axle: everything has to correspond to the series.
In order to keep costs under control, the engines are limited in speed depending on their displacement and in contrast to the Pro Stock class, the displacement is also over 2 litres less than the weight of the tractor.


Dark side of the Moon

–> The team with one goal<–
Since 2000 the family is well known for tractorpulling. The family started with a standard tractor and then it went quite fast into the sport class. The machine was bought by Team Kaiser in 2007 (Alte Turn or Burn, then Diesel-SuperStock). This machine changed the team’s appearance completely, like the current Dark side of the Moon. In 2011 the team converted the tractor for the 3,6t Supersport and since then Angela Schokkin is driving it. They can be seen at about 15 events in Holland, Germany and further in Europe. The team drives indoor and outdoor under the NTTO, DTTO and ETPC flag.
Technical data:
Engine: JohnDeere 4455
Speed: 2700 rpm
Power: 1000PS
wheel speed: 50km/h
Fuel: diesel
Displacement: 7 litres
Turbocharger: HX60 with 5,5bar boost pressure

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