Garden Pulling is Tractor Pulling on a scale of 1:4 and is not only intended as a hobby for young people, even if in the standard class young talents from 8 years of age are allowed to compete.
This year the Garden Pulling celebrates its 20th anniversary and also here the different classes from the “standard tractor” to the “prototype” are driven. If you don’t have a big barn or a truck, you can let off steam here.
Those who like tractors with a hood choose the Compact Diesel class with 4 cylinder turbo diesel engines. These tractors look like a Miniature Pro Stock. Furthermore there are two Free Classes (500kg with 1.3 litre suction and 600kg with 3 litre Turbo or 5 litre suction), which always cause a stir with very spectacular pulls and have become real spectator favourites.


Jan Oeltjenbruns rides with his License to Kill in the 600kg free class in Garden Pulling.
The tractor was built within one year from September 2014 to September 2015. It was the first 600kg tractor built in Germany and the first with two engines in its class in Europe. With two German Vice Champion titles in 2015 and 2016 the first years were successful.
Technical data:
-two Hayabusa engines, each with 1.3 liters displacement and a speed of 9000rpm
– together the engines provide approx. 360PS and create a peripheral speed of up to 110km/h
– it is driven with racing fuel (Ultimate 102)

Black Impact

René Kassner started driving at Gardenpulling in 2007. First with a standard 350Kg puller and later free class 500Kg with the tractor “Little Fox” (German Champion 2015, many vice champion titles and European Champion).
After 1.5 years of construction René then went on the hook for the first time with the compact diesel “Black Impact” 2016 in Füchtorf. In the first year he could not drive through the season because of too many damages.
In 2017 it became the vice champion title and in 2018 René became German champion.
Technical data:
Engine: Peugeot HDI
Speed: 7500 rpm
Power: ???
wheel speed: 80km/h
Displacement: 2.0 litres
Fuel: Diesel