What is Tractorpulling and what is it about?

Tractor-Pulling is a traction competition with tractors. It is about finding out the strongest tractor and the most skilful driver.
On a 100m long and 10m wide competition track, a so-called brake car is pulled as far as possible by the participants. The goal of each driver is the “Full-Pull“, the accomplishment of the 100m distance.

If several participants manage a full-pull, the brake van is made heavier and is extended into a jump-off until the winner is determined. So that this is not so easy, the brake car has an unpleasant characteristic. The further you pull it, the harder it is to pull.

The brake van has a skid at the front and wheels at the back. When the brake van is pulled, a ballast container [Back], driven by the rear wheels of the brake van, runs over the skid from the start position above the wheels to the end position. The brake van thus shifts its centre of gravity from the wheels to the skid, thus increasing its pulling resistance. The position of the brake shoe during the pull depends on the distance pulled, i.e. the same for each competitor. The speed does not play a big role at first.