The diesel specialists in tractor pulling.
As with the Super Stocks, a series tractor is the basis here.
In contrast to the Super Stock, only a turbocharger may be installed, the engine must not have more than 8.3 litres capacity and the original cylinder head must be used.
Here it’s all about getting what you can out of a diesel engine with specially made turbochargers and injection pumps.


The BadBoysToy team has been involved in tractor pulling for 28 years.
The famous BadBoysToy 1 was built in 2000-2001. Then it ran until 2017, when it was sold to England, where it runs under the name “BigBoysToy”. Since October 2016 the team was building the new tractor at the same time. In 2018 the tractor arrived in front of the brake van in Alphen, unfortunately it didn’t run as the team wanted it to, and on the same weekend in Sonsbeck it didn’t run either. The next weekend was another TestPull in Kalkar, Saturday the tractor did not want to charge. So we went back home for the team and the whole night was screwed. Sunday morning we went to Kalkar again. And it paid off, it was called FuuuullPuuuull… the first real run and then he went directly over the 100m mark.

Technical data:
Engine: PerkinsV8
Speed: 6000 rpm
Power: 2500PS
Fuel: Diesel
Turbocharger: 1 turbocharger with 7bar boost pressure

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