The base used to be a serial tugboat.
Engine block and engine position as well as the hood must have come from a series tractor. Everything else can be modified or even built by yourself.
It is the class of the highly charged turbo engines, the tinkerers and hobbyists. Some of the up to 10.6-liter diesel engines are converted to gasoline engines with aluminum heads and brought to over 3000 hp with multi-stage turbochargers. The inner workings of the engines usually have nothing to do with the series and with very low compressions, water injection, intercooling and speeds beyond 5000 rpm, a very special engine technology is at work in this class, which was otherwise only seen in the turbo era of Formula 1, CanAm or Group B.


Pulling Team Kaiser / Kaiser Performance
2018 in the anniversary year to the 25th season and the third DM title in a row. The team from the south of the republic has fought its way from the standards to the Super Stocks and has been on the road with its Alkyburner since the beginning of the 2000s. Best Solution, according to the optics a 44 John Deere series, 10.4L in-line six-cylinder, 3 turbochargers in 2 stages, 6,500 rpm and round 6bar boost pressure… It is installed what is state of the art and what the domestic development forge gives. After the rebuilding of the “big” engine for the 2018 season, they took it slowly and increased the engine setup in order to be able to get what the tractor offers at the end of the season. As “original Super Stock” the guys will not be able to use the full potential of the engine, but they will always try to give everything to deliver a great show and the best performance. In order to keep up with the top, the guys are already working on “something new”… The upgrade will come – but it still takes some time. In 2019 Best Solution will start in the DM in the usual, old form. It remains exciting!
Technical data:
Speed: 7500 rpm max.
Power 3500PS
wheel speed: 125km/h
Fuel: methanol
Displacement: 8.7 litres
Turbocharger: 3x Holset,, two-stage with water injection with max. 7bar boost pressure

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